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Fitting Legacy Memorial

Honouring the Memory of Grenfell

Nabil Couchair as a bereaved and representing the voice of Immediate Families-who are next of Kin has been working diligently and as a member of Memorial commission
Remembering Grenfell

Join Us in Remembering Grenfell!

Support the Grenfell Legacy Memorial

Support Nabil Couchair and the Memorial Commission in creating a fitting legacy memorial. Together, we can honour the memory of the victims and stand with their families."

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Nabil Choucair

Nabil Choucair is a beareaved and lost 6 members of his family at the Grenfell Tower and co- founded the Grenfell Tower Trust ...


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Malika Hamiddou

Malika Hamiddou held the position of Managing Director at CITAS - Community Interpreting and Translation Advocacy Service for over 40 years...


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Nour-eddine Aboudihaj

Nour-eddine Aboudihaj is a well-known and highly regarded figure in the community and has been greatly involved in providing invaluable...


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Putting community at the heart of recovery

It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving after the Grenfell Tower tragedy.


GOAL : 200000 £

RAISED : 0 £


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