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About Us

Grenfell Tower Trust is a community hub acting as an independent public advocate on behalf of the Grenfell Fire affected community to ensure that the culturally appropriate and Trauma informed support is co-created with the user/beneficiaries of such service. Since its inception in August 2017 has been providing non-clinical Health and wellbeing support to Bereaved and Survivors to overcome the traumatic experience that befall them with loss of both their loved ones and their livelihoods. It also supports bereaved and survivors and local community in their pursuit of justice and the development and the design of a Grenfell legacy fitting memorial. It has become a registered charity in November 2019.
It became a Health Partner in March 2020 and has co-created a Cultural Competency Training programme that was accredited by The royal College of General Practitioners. The Trust has run commemoration events, workshops and dinners on each Grenfell anniversary. Last year it organised a large dinner and The Thistle Hotel- Marble Arch as well as a Quiet Zone. The Reflective Quiet Zone at the Westway Conference Room and GTT offices included Wellbeing Therapies – Massages, Yuga and Mindfulness which were well received and appreciated by a large number of users. Grenefell Tower Trust has won the Acquisition International Award for Grenfell Awareness Charity of the Year 2023 – UK and 2024. The authentic voice of the bereaved and survivors was very challenging to a lot of service providers who failed to meet their needs and listen to their concerns. Hence it took us a very long time to achieve our goals without any support or resources.

Our commitment is to ensure that the voices of the bereaved and survivors are heard, their needs met, and their rights upheld. We aim to create a community where healing and recovery are prioritized, and lessons are learned to prevent future tragedies


Nabil Choucair,


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Our aims and objectives at the start were as such:

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