 To develop a bereaved Hub to enhance access to the services to meet the physical, emotional, mental health needs of the bereaved families that are culturally appropriate that are not available at present.

 To ensure the flow of information regarding services available to bereaved families and not controlled as it is the case now.

 Information should be both digital and paper copies in different languages ensuring it reaches the families.

 To support Family and Friends Assistance Centre to provide equitable and accessible services to all bereaved.

 To use pro-active approach to service development: ie.

  • Re-training for new jobs
  • Educational support for children
  • Mentoring and coaching for young people falling behind

 Opportunities for women to set up start-ups and cooperatives.

 To ensure that change on the part of the council which has been quite slow in meeting the needs of the bereaved to offer better more responsive services.

 To improve communication with Mr Nick Hurd, who has been engaging mainly with Grenfell United to the detriment of all voices of bereaved, survivors that is creating tension and upset with the families.

 To make sure that there is consistency on how funds are distributed among bereaved to avoid creating confusion and tension.

 To change the perception that bereaved felt neglected due to the way Family and Friends Assistance Centre was managed or promoted.

 To ensure that Family and Friends Assistance Centre is providing a specific support to the bereaved as it was initially set up to do under the management of Grenfell Trust.

 To set up an outreach service to reach out to the families and to provide a tailor made service to meet their needs.

 To provide both clinical + non-clinical health care such as massage therapies, yoga, mindfulness and social activities.

 To employ at least 3 full time staff, a coordinator, an administrator and a receptionist to ensure services are available when needed.

 To urgently start working with children who have not had the care due for them.

 To work with specialist children psychotherapist to give the right training + experience in dealing with traumatised children suffering from emotional and mental impact.

 To co-design bereaved specific service health services for the next 5 to 10 years.

 To meet the needs of the bereaved as there is many bereaved not being helped by other organisations.

 To collaborate with NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group to develop a health recovery plan specific to bereaved families.

 To stand up against discrimination and that there is one voice that the council or central government should hear. No main organisation is the sole voice of the bereaved, survivors or the residents of North Kensington.

 To hear views of community leaders and how they can work with the bereaved, survivors and residents (BSR).

 To advocate on behalf of families who are bereaved and do not have the mind or the energy to chase up things in the past as they were grieving.

 To organise events and activities needed for the bereaved by bereaved.

 To set up Grenfell Tower Trust to provide families who have experienced loss with a space to heal safely and recover using a peer support programme.

 To raise awareness about the fact that some bereaved have pride and find it very hard to seek or accept help even though they may be a dire need.

 To use Grenfell Tower Trust co-production approach to find ways to provide the appropriate solutions to the bereaved.

 To meet the clear needs for a bereaved hub with facilities and resources, providing support to the families of the bereaved now and in the future.

 To cater for two thirds of bereaved families who are not of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea residents, ensuring that resources are protected and re-infenced for the future.

 To provide opportunities’ for bereaved to heal together and support families who are struggling.

 To acknowledge Grenfell Tower Trust as the voice of the bereaved ensuring that lessons are learnt and to establish a legacy for the 72 people who passed away.

 To work in partnership with local authorities and the NHS providing a culturally appropriate service meeting the specific needs of the bereaved.

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