The objectives of Grenfell Tower Trust are:

a. The advancement of education of the public about bereaved + survivors issues relating to #Grenfell tower fire and promotion of their human rights.

  • To organise seminars, meetings, workshops to share stories about people's life changes, grief due to losses and impact since the fire.
Members will have a positive role to play in telling their stories - Pen portraits has been quite helpful in honouring and humanising those that lost their lives. This has proved quite therapeutic in helping families and beneficiaries in accepting what happened to move forward with the grieving process for some closure.
  • To raise public understanding about issues that are important to bereaved and survivors through different media outlets.
The members will be the real voice of bereaved families and survivors. The Trust role is to raise awareness of the issues of concern through articles, documentaries, books and other means. This helps to prevent misinformation and misrepresentation.


b. The advancement of the rights of bereaved + survivors through promotion of diversity and equality

  • Facilitating meetings between decision makers and service providers to ensure members needs are met.
GTT aims are to ensure that no such loss of life happens again. We will work with police, public inquiry, other relevant agencies, local and central government to ensure that lessons are learnt.
  • Organising events, activities where survivors + bereaved come together to discuss their issues and concerns through peer-support.

c. The advancement of the health and wellbeing of members who are affected by the Grenfell fire

  • Provide information to members in different languages.
  • Reduce barriers to access to health and Wellbeing services.
  • Facilitate participation of members in activities of Dedicated Service
  • Play a pivotal role in the design of the memorial Park for the bereaved and survivors.