Grenfell Tower Trust mission:


  • Grenfell Tower Trust (GTT) is a bereaved and survivors Hub that enhances access to services to meet personal, the physical, social, emotional and mental health needs of bereaved families that are appropriate to their ever changing situations since the fire in June 2017.
  • GTT is a platform that ensures the flow of better information, communication regarding services available to survivors and bereaved families are accurately up-to-date. Information is provided in both digital and paper forms in different languages.
  • The charity collaborates with other agencies and partners to support the dedicated service at the Family and Friends Assistance Centre. In order for the charity to deliver equitable and accessible services to all bereaved.
  • It coordinates an outreach service to reach out to the families to provide a tailor made service to meet their needs both clinical and non-clinical. Such services are massage therapies, yoga, mindfulness, trips, retreats and social activities.