We are an independent registered charity. It was set up as bereaved who felt that no other organisation was voicing their concerns or representing them adequately. Our challenging to local authority and central government and CNWL has meant that we have been starved of any support financial or otherwise- All what we have been able to achieve up-to-date was done on a voluntary based and with no resources. 

Our appeal for donations and financial support is to enable the trust to work effectively and to deliver better services and support to the bereaved and survivors and North Kensington Community. We have no administration or coordination support to enable us to work on many fronts and to have the impact we aims to have. Our main area of development and support are:

  • An independent and loud voice for bereaved and survivors that advocate on their behalf
  • Co-production and Co-design of services that are tailor to the specific needs of bereaved and survivors
  • Ensuring a development of an effective memorial committee to create a befitting memorial site/legacy
  • Coordinate with the Public Inquiry to have justice and redress for the 72 people who passed away
  • Better communication and information sharing by Dedicated Service about the resources and services available bereaved and survivors
  • A proper engagement and active participation of BSR in the development of recovery strategies and their implementation

We seek your donation and financial support to be able to relieve the stress and the trauma that this people have suffered, especially finding out that all the resources were spent while they were grieving and that they didn’t have a say on how it should have been spent.

Show your support and help us build this Bereaved & Survivors Hub.

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Name: Grenfell Tower Trust
Bank: Lloyds Bank
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